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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Crooked Thumb

Reece has the cutest littlest crookedest thumb. We just noticed it a few months ago. He gave me a big thumbs up and I was laughing because it was a crooked thumbs up. I further investigated and it was because he couldn't straighten it...I was thinking....that's weird I never noticed THAT before. So, I asked around the family....nope, nobody had ever noticed....but now that I've pointed it out we are always looking at it...and it is crooked...he can't straighted the little thing. So, I've looked at pictures and his thumb looks like it's always been like that because as he is just relaxed in the pictures, it is bent.

So, Charlie mentions this to our friend and hand therapist, and she's like....."Ummmmm, you need to get it fixed"...we say..."Oh, right you mean physical therapy"....she says, "No I mean surgery". OH CRAP.

So there are blessings in all this....we talked to her and she said this is the BEST time and age to get this done. This is very routine, they do this surgery all the time, and Charlie's hand surgeon does them, and we know her and really like her. The blessing is also that Reece has been in the hospital this calendar hey, his deductible is well on it's way to being paid this year, AND, the surgeon is pregnant but not going on maternity leave until Jan. So that means she can do it, but we have to act quickly.

The honest truth is I"M scared spitless. My sister just lost her mother -in -law due to a horrible mistake in surgery, and it was a mistake by the anaesthesiologist.

So we are praying for wisdom on what to do, and when. We certainly do NOT need more medical bills, but this may prevent further problems with his little thumb.

I took him yesterday to get a WHOLE bunch of we are both full of radiation....but, ANYWHOOOOO, he was soooooo good, until the last one, and he said, " I just can't do this anymore", oh goodness I was cracking up. It was the funniest thing ever, such drama, for a thumb that doesn't even hurt, and they even gave him a little pillow to put his thumb on for the x-ray.


marlece said...

Like I said, I think Dec. 29th looks good for a date to me. Bray and Reece can hold hands as they go under the knife while you and I are holding hands together in PRAYER! Cracks me up they put his 'fum' on a pillow.

lisa bradbury said...

Hello I was searching the web trying to find out some info on a crooked thumb? I ran across your sons picture. My son is 4 his name is Jase and both of his thumbs are the same way, he has alot of problems when he calls it "I poped by thumb mom" he will hold his thumb inward under the other fingers and complains for a day or so untill it goes back into place. What do I need to do ? Its never been a problem til now that he is in pre school he is using his hands more. If you have any informaion for me that would be helpful.

Anonymous said...


My son had "trigger thumb" for several years, ages 2 - 5. Very painful when straightened. He would wail from the pain. After physical therapy, splints, and casing - moved to surgery - and it was fixed. That was over 15 years ago, never a problem. Go to see an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon.

dlauzon said...

Hi. Just for the benefits of all the viewers that stumble on your page while searching about "crooked thumb" or "pediatric trigger thumb", there's a research paper "The Natural History of Pediatric Trigger Thumb: A Study with a Minimum of Five Years Follow-up" here entirely available freely:

The conclusion state that "This study demonstrates that spontaneous recovery of
trigger thumbs occurs in the major of patients by at least
the 5th year" (of observation) and "we support that pediatric trigger thumb has the potential to spontaneously resolve after a sufficient observation period of more than 4 years without developing residual deformities".
So the vast majority resolves by itself just by waiting a couple of years (with no surgical operation or treatment) with no "residual deformity" or other problems. The authors also say that those that did not completely resolve during the study nevertheless got better and the problem might have been resolved by waiting even longer.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

hello there,

hope all is good, did you do anything about the thumb of your son ?