Mom on a Mission

Mom on a Mission

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What If the Chaos Continues.

Something occurred to me today.....

I have never seen people in this country so fearful and divided on the political craziness going on.  I will be the first to admit, I don't educate and keep up on it all like I should.  I do see a few things though,  I see people praying and crying out to God in a whole new way.  I think most of it is out of fear, rather than anything else.  That's fine....God hears us no matter what our motive.

This much I do know..........

God could fix this nation in one clearing of his throat - He wouldn't even have to get up - He SPOKE the world into he could give a slight EH - EMMMMM..... and everything could be in perfect order. 

What if..........

He is watching all these people cry out to him for help and He sees the hearts and he knows that if he fixes our problems we all go on our merry way. 

What if.............

He lets the chaos continue and we cry out to God because we are even more desperate and we turn to HIM for REAL, because HE is GOD, not just because we are in a big mess. 

This much I know about myself...........

I pay more attention to God when I'm in a bad way - and when I remain in the - bad way - I often find out what I really needed was God to invade my heart, not just my problems.  He is so much bigger and better and sweeter and more wonderful than an easy simple fix to my problems. 

He is much too kind to only care about the things we can see and know and understand. 

We call ourselves a Christian nation, which would imply that we are a Christ - like nation.
Maybe He is going to do what it takes to make this title true.

Don't think for a minute that I want to see the chaos continue or don't think I claim to know or understand God's ways...His thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways are not my ways. I know from scripture that God is much too kind and serious about his people to settle for a worldly temporary fix.  He is loving enough to do what it takes to draw HIS PEOPLE TO HIMSELF.  He will go to any length.

EVEN to the length of sacrificing His own Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and SAVIOR, so that
may come to HIM.

He means business.  Trusting He has this election in HIS best interest!
Praise Him in the storm.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

What the....?!?!? Manna Diet.

We have lived on the "manna diet" for about 7 years.  This has not been by choice or preference but it is definitely what we have been living on.

Manna - in the Old Testament is what God fed his children as they wandered around the wilderness.
They could only gather enough for that day, or it would go bad.  If they didn't gather - they went without.  God supplied everyday EXACTLY what they needed.

This verse has recently taught me understanding of the benefits of the "manna diet."

Jeremiah 31:2 (ESV)

Thus says the Lord:
“The people who survived the sword
    found grace in the wilderness;

We have learned about grace, the GRACE of God, the grace of His provision, protection, faithfulness and generosity, even while we are in the wilderness living on manna.

In our "wilderness" God has provided everything we need and beyond, and it has only been by His grace.  We can't take credit or criticism for it.  We have tried to take over and do it ourselves and it just crumbles; we have tried to find our own way out of it and it leads no-where.

When God was providing the manna in the desert, the people didn't know what it was. 

Deuteronomy 2:7English Standard Version (ESV)
For the Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. He knows your going through this great wilderness. These forty years the Lord your God has been with you. You have lacked nothing.”’

The people couldn't take over and change it, grow it, plant it, or store it up - it was a provision straight from heaven and always enough.

During our manna diet, I can say God has provided every time, and every time it is enough. He has blessed us generously, faithfully, beautifully, over and over for years and years.

He has taught us to trust his faithfulness; 
HE IS FAITHFUL, even when we are NOT.

He has allowed us to not only live by it,  but to thrive on it. 
Our  house, that has been a refuge and a place of learning and growing and celebrating for a lot of peeps in our family, extended family and far beyond; has all been a grace of God.

In the midst of our current wilderness journey of seven years, He has blessed us with 2 babies, 2 adopted kids, 2 marriages, 3 grands and countless trips to Uganda and Kenya and Montana and everywhere in between, all while living in the wilderness on the "manna diet."
As crazy as this sounds, God has been generous with the manna (provision) we have not just survived, we have multiplied and been blessed beyond anything we could have provided or stored up for ourselves.


What I mean by "wilderness living" is we have wondered every time one of those big things happened, babies, adoption, weddings, (anything outside of daily living) we would think.......


We can't work enough, be strong enough or smart enough to make it work ourselves. 
BUT GOD.....
 He POURS out His provision
 We stand in awe and say:

Part of the grace that we have found in this journey is that when we have tried to take on shame and blame it is pointless and takes us from thanksgiving for what God has provided to 
P = Self - pity.
      R = Self - reliance.
          I = Self - indictment.
       D = Self - damning.
        E =  Self - elevation.

We have prayed a million times for things to be different, but now we pray that when things do change, we NEVER forget the GRACE we found in the wilderness, the faithfulness of God, the grace we have learned to 

So here we are 7 years later, and we are advertising the effects of
 "wilderness living on a manna diet."
We have our house up for sale....SHORT SALE......which reminds us constantly that we have come up 

We keep asking, and are asked,
"What the manna is gonna happen - where are we going, what are we going to do, how are we going to do this?"

And then we remember AGAIN, that WE are not ......WE are going to TRUST in the ONE,
 "WHO IS!"
So, we look to the LORD and we ask, "WHAT THE MANNA.........?????" and he responds with,

"I AM!!!"

 We have no manna clue. 
 We don't know what it is, we don't know how to make it, or keep it, or save it or produce it, or find our way out.
 We know the CREATOR and PROVIDER and
 HE  IS 

Psalm 34:8English Standard Version (ESV)

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!
    Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!
We take our Old manna diet, and let it make us New and change us. 
 We remember that no matter how hard we try to earn or produce or save up
 it's a gift from God.

 We treasure it up in our hearts and let it flow thru our lives.

His grace is all I ever need and it is enough and it never runs out.

Ezekiel 36:25-28The Message (MSG)

24-28 “‘For here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to take you out of these countries, gather you from all over, and bring you back to your own land. I’ll pour pure water over you and scrub you clean. I’ll give you a new heart, put a new spirit in you. I’ll remove the stone heart from your body and replace it with a heart that’s God-willed, not self-willed. I’ll put my Spirit in you and make it possible for you to do what I tell you and live by my commands. You’ll once again live in the land I gave your ancestors. You’ll be my people! I’ll be your God!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

United Division

Unity and Division.

I've been thinking a lot about this in different areas of my life lately.

I'm learning to look both ways before I cross the road and step out.  If I only look one-way, in the spirit of UNITY, or live in denial (this one is my go-to) there will be DIVISION and probably a big wreck that I didn't see coming.

There is so much to continually learn  and grow and correct, but if we wait until we have it all figured out, we will never get anywhere because we will stand on the side and never step out. 

Image result for picture of a crosswalk

Here is some areas I've stepped into the crosswalk or sometimes it feels like the crosshairs, and in the CROSS - ing, I'm learning in a few different areas in my life about UNITY / DIVISION.

ADOPTION:  I love love love adoption for so many reasons.  I feel completely blessed to be a part of it, BUT, there are a zillion problems with every part of it.  I used to get all defensive if someone pointed out or asked questions about the "hard or broken" parts of adoption because I felt I had to stick up for it, even if that meant "covering" the truth about the "hard and broken" parts.  I finally came to understand that I could acknowledge and admit to the "hard and broken" parts, and love it and believe in it at the very same time.  Being honest gave me the freedom to be truly passionate and LOVE in TRUTH.  I began to see how God uses the "hard and broken" parts as much or more as the fun and easy parts.

PARENTING:  I love my kids more than words could ever express.  I know they are each my greatest gifts and greatest blessings of my life. I am thankful and humbled by these gifts; they are also the highest calling that the Lord has placed in my life to serve Him. The thing is....,  there are days when my heart just sings with joy as I attend to each and every need and mess that they bring to my day.  There are also many days when I am totally convinced that I am messing them up more than I am cleaning up their messes! And that my friends, is a LOT of messy messed up peeps.
 I WANT to anticipate each morning with excitement and joy as we wake up and face another day, but the TRUTH of the matter is,  I approach most nights with joy and relief, because it means we have all made it thru another day.  Sometimes I feel most blessed by my kids when they are sleeping and they are quiet and still and peaceful and they are not needing anything from me and not making any messes.

 My kids can make my chest feel like it will explode with love that I can't even contain, and they also make my head feel like it might explode.

I have lived in denial, at the DIVISION within myself of the different kinds of explosives brewing in me....I felt guilt for being more excited for the nighttime sleepy heads than the daytime busy bodies.
 I wanted to LOOK like an amazing mom and have all my BLESSINGS be lined up in a neat and tidy row.

 I now understand that I do significant damage to their hearts and mine when I am working on the outside appearances while denying inside issues.  I have tried to cover up with activities and fun snacks and awesome mom LOOKING moments.  It turns into a vicious cycle of prep, perform, clean up, prep, perform, clean-up....repeat, no real life, just motion. When I'm locked in the vicious cycle of appearances I get tired and dizzy,  The inside work seems harder, and takes longer to see results, but when the inside is worked on, the outside looks good.  When we tend to those hearts and love from the inside out, and stop covering up, but digging IN deep, we can see TRUE beauty even in the midst of the mess.  I can acknowledge when my head is near explosion levels and I can adjust accordingly, rather than covering it in activities and snacks that light the fuse.
 We can be great moms and love our kids and our mom-jobs; we can be really super good at it, AT THE SAME TIME we can admit that there are days it feels like our little gifts of life are squeezing the life CLEAN out of us,

RACE:  When I acknowledge that there is a BIG racism problem in our country, people get crazy quiet or crazy mad, and then I post something about the awesomeness of police officers and people go "like" crazy.  Did it ever occur to people that you can acknowledge racism and respect and appreciate law enforcement
 Why does it seem there has to be DIVISION.
 Either you are for one and against the other?
 That is not truth or unity.  TRUTH is...there is racism and awesome police
 ****BOTH**** !!!
  People think if we are for one or expose one we hate the other.....NOT TRUE.  We can be UNITED and acknowledge the TRUTH and respect and appreciate the law.

POLITICS:  I tried to watch the debates the other night and could only make it about 15 minutes.  It is supposed to be a time to hear questions and answers and gain understanding so that people can vote or UNITE with the candidate that they want to lead this country.  There is such division  and denial as to what the issues  at hand are, even if there is an issue, let alone the priorities of the issues, and then you have the "history" of the candidates and what they have said and done or stood for or stood against; they don't even acknowledge factual historical events...there's so much lying and slander to sort through and no clear answers.   The crazy part to me, as a non political person, is that in order to want to lead this country, you must be committed and care about this country (right?)....but it sure doesn't seem that way, when all we hear are lies and slander.  I would think these candidates were not only from different parties, but different countries or different planets all together.  Where's the UNITY in the United States? I know there will always be different sides....but it seems, if we could just AGREE and ACKNOWLEDGE what the "issues" are, and how we got here..... then we could hear how each candidate wants to address them.
 I don't know......I turned it off (denial).

Criminals hung on both sides of the CROSS, on either side of Jesus, and one side admitted he needed help and that he was in the wrong, and he landed in Paradise....the other remained in denial and rebellion and ended up in hell.

Jesus is in the business of exposing the heart - the truth.  People that would look so put together and cleaned up on the outside, but are blinder than bats and meaner than snakes, he would call OUT - he exposed them. The people that came to him and admitted they needed HIM, they needed healing or asked him questions so that they may understand; He would heal the ones that admitted they had a problem and he taught the ones who wanted to learn, and he exposed the ones who appeared nice and neat but inside were evil.

Nicodemus was a pharisee in the Bible that came to Jesus to ask some questions in the cover of night because he was afraid to break from the UNITY of the Pharisee brotherhood.  He didn't want to stand out and cause DIVISION.  He came to Jesus and asked questions and got some real hard honest answers that could save his life and the life of his friends.  Wouldn't he want that for his fellow Pharisees? 
 Wouldn't that be worth risking DIVISION to bring TRUTH.

Maybe if we were brave enough to bring questions to the light, uncover the truth, and admit there is a problem and ask for HELP, things could get better, we could be healed in our lives, in our homes and our families and our churches and our communities and our country. 

 1 Peter 3:8-9
Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing. 

1 Peter 4:8 (ESV) Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Wreck? I'm the Wreck!

Ephesians 6:16-18English Standard Version (ESV)

16 In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one; 17 and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, 18 praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end, keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints,
Holy Smokes!!! 
 My shield (and cars) of faith is getting seriously dented up these days, but I'm sure glad the shield is strong and in place.  17 days ago, Esther called with THE VOICE.  The voice that only says the word MOM, but it translates a million things between MOM and the next word she could squeeze out of her emotionally constricted throat.  She had called to tell me that her and Charlie and Mik had been in a car wreck.  Once I could figure out what she was saying....I asked if everyone was OK, and they were all fine, so nothing else mattered.  I knew God had protected them so much.

Charlie  had been on edge and feeling the pains of "lonely boy construction" since Kole has moved,  and Charlie was adjusting to being back at it by himself. A few of my peeps and I had been texting about it, on and off all day. We realized later, that at the exact time that the wreck happened...Lashae and I were texting and AGREED to be praying for Charlie, at that exact minute.   How cool is that?  God just showing us his love and protection once again.
A few days after that a good friend of mine from Uganda told me that she didn't know why...but she had felt led to spend "extended time in prayer" for our family that morning. 
It is just so humbling and amazing that God works thru the prayers of his people for his people.   
Now, everytime I jump in the really nice rental car that I'm driving, I have a big reminder of God's protection, and it makes my heart so thankful!

SOOOOOOO, this morning my shield took another hit.  I get a call from Charsie who has been using a sweet little SUV that we bought to let her drive.
  The minute I heard her say MOM!! with THAT heart sank.
This is how it went:
Charsie:  MOM!!!!!!! large sucking sound and sobs....then a panicked burst of: MY CAR GOT STOLEN!!!!
Me:  CHARSIE!!!!  Is everyone OK?  Are you ok? Is Jesse Ok?  
Charsie:  Yes...but my car is gone.
Me:  Charsie, Everyone is ok?  
Charsie:  Yes!  But my car got stolen and my wallet and money were in there.
Me:  So, everyone is ok?
Charsie:  Yes.
Me:  Who cares about your car and wallet....everyone is OK?  Right?  EVeryone is OK?  right? ( I needed to let it sink in, since my heart was in my feet and all the blood had left my brain at the word MOM in THAT VOICE.)
Charsie:  Yes.  EVeryone is fine.
Me: the police and report your car stolen....everyone is OK?  Right?  Jesse's Ok?
Charsie:  Yes, everyone is OK.  sob sob sob.  I will call the police, and Jesse is on his way.
Me:  Honey, I could care less about the car or the wallet or money, as long as everyone is ok.  
Charsie: Everyone is fine Mom.
Me:  What kinda of idiot leaves their wallet in their car.....what kind of idiot parents didn't teach you to take everything out of your car at night.
Charsie:  MOM?!?!
Me:  Right!  I'm the idiot parent.  I'm just a dumb country need to be smart you live in the city.  Be city smart.  
Charsie:  I will never leave anything in my car again. 

Me to Charlie:  Charlie, Charsie's car got stolen....
Charlie:  What!?!? WHAT?!?!?!?  Is everyone OK?  
Me:  Ya, everyone is fine.
Charlie: !@#$%&*.(pause pause...deep breath). Who cares about the car...because everyone is OK...right?
Me: Everyone is fine, she had her wallet and money locked in the car.
Charlie:  What?!?!...didn't anyone teach that kid to NEVER leave her wallet in the car.
Me:  Charlie....where do you keep your wallet?
Charlie:  In the car.   Good point.....Dang it...we should have taught her better than that. 
Me to Lashae:  Lashae!
Lashae:  I know, I heard, I'm on my way over there right now.
Me:  Everyone is ok...right?  
Lashae: Ya...everyone is ok...
Me: You and the girls are ok...right? And Chaney?  Where's Chaney?
Lashae:  Yes mom, everyone is fine.  Chaney is out of town and he is fine.
Me:  Dang Charsie left everything in the car...poor girl.
Lashae:  I know....I have a confession....I left my purse in my car last night.  
Me:  LASHAE!!!!  You know better than that....didn't I teach you better than that??
Lashae:  Mom, where's your purse?  
Me:  In my car....good point!  Dang it.  Everyone is ok...right???  
Lashae: Yes Mom.  Everyone is good. 

Charsie calls Police, and after Jesse and Charsie endure a lengthy "stolen car report," they found the car had been hit by a "texting and driving" person in the night and the officer, that came to take the accident report at 1:30am, was brand new and didn't think to run the plates and call the owner.....just had the sucker towed without notifying anyone.  
So, the good and constant news is; everyone is OK and all the money and contents, including all cancelled credit and debit cards were safe and sound in the car.
Also, the texter/driver kid that hit her car is ok.
Charlie called him and his dad (and thankfully remained calm, because come to find out they go to the same church as our kids) and all is well. Bummed and feeling stupid....but ok.
The bad news is....the car is most likely totalled.  Poor texting/driving kid hit that sucker HARD and it rolled up and hit the car in front of it and then car in front of it, hit the car in front of it. Car dominos.  SOOOOOO....the front and back are smashed.  
BUT, everyone is OK!!!!
 So so thankful, and will continue holding up our shields!

Ephesians 6:10-12The Message (MSG)

A Fight to the Finish

10-12 And that about wraps it up. God is strong, and he wants you strong. So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials. And put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws your way. This is no afternoon athletic contest that we’ll walk away from and forget about in a couple of hours. This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his angels.

Friday, September 23, 2016

It's Not Black and White, It's Blood RED

I have a little story to share:

This summer I had sent white Luke and black Mik into the store to run an errand.

Luke was leading the way and they walked in the door where the ATM machine was being serviced.  There was an armed guard and a armored truck in position and doing their job.  Luke doesn't even notice.  Mik takes a WIDE swing to NOT even be NEAR the situation.

They do their errand and get back in the car and Mik says to Luke:  Dude!!!  Don't ever walk by a situation like that when I am with you.

Luke responds:  What are you even talking about?  

Mik:  No black man should walk by that kind of situation.  Did you see the guy that was working on the ATM machine, and the guy guarding the area?

Luke:  Oh brother!!!  You are paranoid, nobody was even looking at you.  

Mik:  Shaking his head in discouragement and frustration......ok, whatever you think....

My head was spinning....Everyone was right, and everyone was wrong.  

Luke  - Doesn't have a racist bone in his body, but is also blind and deaf to what Mik sees and feels and experiences. 

Mik - Doing what he is told and learned by living in this world in this time, in his skin:
Don't put yourself in a *sketchy* situation, don't ever give people ANY reason to question WHAT you are up to.  NEVER be guilty, even by association. Never walk or dress or speak in a way that raises questions as to what you are doing. 

Luke - Unwilling to listen or understand that Mik has to live with a different level of awareness in every situation calls him paranoid.

Mik - Impatient with Luke's "lack of understanding" for the reality that he lives with,  Mik feels offended and unheard.  He gets bummed and quiet vs. trying to help Luke understand.  He just gives up and pushes the anxiety that he just felt near the ATM into a deeper place in his own heart, which only lends itself to more anxiety.

It opened up good conversation.  Most people don't get the opportunity to dialogue on it as much as we do.  It takes constant conversation and a lot of situations to help us all grow in understanding.

I have been Luke too many times....just because I'm not "racist" doesn't mean I don't have blind spots and an opinion that causes me to lack understanding.  

We need to sit across that table from people speak and listen, not with the intention of telling "them" how it is and how it isn't, but with a heart that wants to feel, and a mind that wants to understand, and eyes that want to see and ears that want to hear.

Just because we aren't experiencing things, because of where we live or who we are or how we look, does not mean it is not happening. Part of all this information and communication going on in the world gives us a new level of  responsibility.
 There is a responsibility to seek the
 TRUTH and respond in LOVE!

The only way to uncover the TRUTH, is to get face to face and get real relational. Share experiences.  Look across the table and see and feel and hear.

The life and breath of the conversation, maybe even the spit that sprays or the tears that flow in the passion of it all, may blow out and water down the fire that rages.

We may never solve "the issue" or agree on actions, but I promise there will be
 a seed planted - a compassion developed - because there is a FACE and a VOICE to the situation, not just a report and a riot.

This isn't a black and white skin issue, it is a red and bloody heart issue.

Jesus bled His pure RED blood to save all our SKINS!  

We need to humble ourselves, lay it all out on the table and let Jesus do surgery on our hearts.  Once our hearts are beating and flowing with the TRUTH, our eyes will open, our minds will be renewed, our ears will be tuned.


John 14:6English Standard Version (ESV)

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 13:34-35English Standard Version (ESV)

34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another:just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. 35 By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I think my nephew said it best when he put it in his child-like words,
 “For some reason I always remember the bad stuff, so much better than the good stuff.”
We were talking about memories and when he made this statement it brought it all together for me.   We were specifically talking about when our entire family went to Disneyland several years ago, and he got lost (for about 7 minutes). 
  So we all spent a zillion dollars to have a great vacation and spoil the crap out of our children and all they remember is the 7 minutes when Corvan got lost.

 We always hear the age old question….Why does God let bad things happen to good people? 
There are many things jacked up with that question, but my nephew put it into such a simple statement that made a lot of sense to me.

I began to think of the greatest joys in my life, like getting married, I remember many amazing things about that day, but one of my most vivid memories I have of that day was cussing at my sister, who was doing my hair, (just as the church secretary was walking in to say something sweet, I’m sure) and I was going a little bridezilla on my sis.
 (Ya, Sorry about that AGAIN Marlece). 

I remember the birth of each of my babies, but I hardly remember the details of each one, OTHER than I can give you a play by play of TRANSITION (the hardest part of labor) in each birth, what I felt and smelled and saw and heard..…I even have TRANSITION memories of the adopted children.  J

So I cringe when I hear Christians talk about our best life now, I want to puke my brains out.  I’m sorry to be so harsh…but if THIS is our best life NOW, then we are getting screwed.  Jesus came and died so we could have our best life with HIM later…He suffered on this earth, in this life, so WE, could have an eternal perfect life with HIM forever.
 NO SUFFERING or PAIN or LOSS, that is the life I have hope in and LIVE for!
 It’s not now, It’s later, when Jesus comes back to set it allllllllll right!

It’s a no wonder we see so many "Christians" either faking it, or completely bummed about life.  They have been fed the lie that we are supposed to live our best life NOW and we are supposed to pursue happiness and success, all in the name of Jesus,
 who suffered and died so we can live our best life NOW??
 No way!
 We get to live with the HOPE and JOY of knowing we are living now in anticipation of LATER.

Most of the time it’s really not our fault, we live in a beautiful amazing country and we live dang good lives compared to the rest of the world.  We can live in a way that we can protect ourselves from a lot of suffering.  We live in a country that has done a lot of things right and we have the freedom and opportunity to live without a lot of the massive amounts of suffering that a lot of the rest of the world lives with. 

We have food and we have medicine and we have freedom to worship and we have the awesome and amazing men and women in uniform to serve and protect us and our country and our freedom.  We should be so thankful and humbled that in God’s sovereignty and grace, He has allowed us to live in such a place.
  I can promise you that it was NOTHING you or I did right to make this happen for us.
  This is called the GRACE OF GOD!!!  
Somehow when and where we are born we don’t get to call the shots on that one.

It makes me think about James 1:27.
27 Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep one self unstained from the world.

 I have been learning the deeper meaning of this verse.  I think this verse is about suffering.  You can’t throw money or a family or a husband or a 3 step plan, or even a Bible verse at an orphan or a widow in their affliction and make them feel better or heal their heartbreak.  I think there is a time and a place to provide allllll those things (maybe not the husband one,) but “in their distress, it says to visit them”. 

Maybe if we visited those that are suffering, and entered into that suffering and hurt with them, rather than trying to fix them, or their situation, we would understand the need, the desperate need for our Savior Jesus Christ our Lord, who came and took on unbelievable suffering for us that by HIS wounds we would be healed and by His death we may have life.

1 Peter 2:24English Standard Version (ESV)
24 He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed. 

Why would God send His Son to suffer and die if it is possible to live our best life now with a few good thoughts and declarations and attitudes?  Why wouldn’t he send Jesus to show us how to do it that way? 
  I’m not saying we need to suffer and die….I’m saying in this life we WILL suffer and we WILL die.
  Suffering is EVERYWHERE, we just have to open our eyes.  If it’s not in our own lives at the moment, I can promise you it’s not hard to find and I would dare to say, rather than protecting ourselves from it, we should go and visit and enter in,
 because we will find out how much this world really needs
This idea of waking up and having your perfect life in your perfect order does not work in the life of an orphan or a widow in their distress.
  I think we should wake up every day and rather than declare who I am and what I can do….we should declare who the great
 is and what HE has done.
  We need to wake up, and rather than say how I am going to do better and have victory over this and that, I am going to declare how much I need JESUS and how I need more of him every single day, and how weak I am, but how strong the 
 is in me.

I’m going to pray and think less about me and who I am, and more about,

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Happy Cake Bofriend!

Happy birthday to my man!  He is like fine wine, he just gets better with age.

My prayer for my hubby this year is:

Colossians 1:9-14 (ESV)

And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, 10 so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. 11 May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, 12 giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. 13 He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

He is having a very GRAND birthday, as he is in Montana celebrating his birthday with 3 of his oldest kids and his 3 GRANDS.  I just don't think he could ask for a better birthday.