Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Water Blessings!

This weekend was full of WATER fun!!!!
2 of my FAVORITES....
water skiing and baptisms!!!

My man driving a boat.  He may not be in his wranglers when he is on the lake, but he is still lookin

I skiied!!!!  I got up the first try.   Bragging rights!!!!

Claiborne showing us how it is done.  

Mik.  He loves to just be a part of everything.

Determined Luke.

My big boy.  It has been so great having him home for the summer.  Thank you Jesus!

Pulling his old man.  Life is good!!!!  I'm thinking there are MANY fun advantages to having teenagers around!!

This kid is so full of IT!!!!!  I just love him.

There is nothing funner in a Sunday afternoon than to watch people make a public profession of their faith and be baptized.
  AWESOME JOB Brooke!!!
 You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.  We are so proud of you.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prayers for Maubry

This is my precious grand baby, Maubry.

She needs our prayers today.  She is having a medical procedure on her neck today.

This precious baby was born with a crooked neck and she has been such a trooper and going to physical therapy and today is the day they are going a step further and doing a little procedure on her.

Pray for her to have strength in that little neck of hers and pray for her is hard to watch your perfect baby have to have work done on her little body.

Update:  Maubry went to Dr. appointment and the Dr. that was to do the procedure CANCELLED procedure.  The Dr. did not feel like her condition was severe enough.  They will check back in 3 months and they will continue physical therapy, but for today.........


Thanks for your prayers!!! 
 I know God loves to hear from His people and I'm asking that He hears a lot of chatter concerning Maubry today.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Patience is Visiting the Brewer Family!

Patience is in the house.
Whoop whoop!!!!

  God is good.  He knows I need patience. I need A LOT of patience!
  And He brought about 100 lbs of it right to my door, and she is sticking around for awhile.
She is gorgeous.
 I always knew patience was a good thing, but I had no idea just how beautiful patience could be.

I (and a certain friend of mine, R)....have been scared to pray for patience, over the years.

We just figured it was one of those spiritual fruits that we wouldn't ever get to fully experience and we were scared of asking God for it because He has a way of teaching us things that forever change us.

 And when you start with NO PATIENCE (like me) then to get a God sized dose might be a bit overwhelming.

God is so kind and gentle, I prayed all around patience....but He knows my heart and knows what I need and He delivered
  Just in time...when I wasn't even expecting it.
I got Patience.  :)


Now that is a God sized dose if I ever knew one!

This is my precious friend from Uganda and her name is
 and I don't know if I have ever met somebody that would fit that name, and she does through and through.

The Bible says love is patient....but this Patience is full love.

I plan on soaking in all the Patience I can get.
 I need patience and God brought Patience to stay with me for a few days.


If you are in desperate need of patience and you live in the may want to meet patience, it is something to behold.
 In the next few days or you can even sit at my table and have tea with Patience....but I'm not giving her up for anyone.   

I got Patience and I'm keeping her as long as I can.  :)

My kids and hubby are so grateful for the patience in my life and also for Patience....even if it is only to stop by for a short visit now and then.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crazy Summer Days.

This summer has been crazy so far.
Crazy:  Case and Point

  Summer has been full full full of fun and work and play and people and kids and food and laundry and activities and more food and fun and birthdays, lots and lots of birthdays.

  I figured a conservative average and we are averaging 37 plates of food prepared and consumed a DAY around here.  
That is 259 plates of food a week.

I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm telling you, God is amazing and faithful to allow this unorganized mess (me) to be a part of so much LIFE! 

God is so good!  He is a provider.

 He provided a steer...that was ready to be butchered right before the real crazy season and a pig (thanks to my son-in-law) just in time. 
 We have freezers stuffed full!

 I have learned the more I open my heart and my home  the more God will give me. 
 He never runs out of blessings for me....and I never run out of what I need
I rely on the Lord and NOT myself and my plans and MY anything frankly.

  I have to be careful every single day to NOT try to do it in my strength.  
The minute I do...and I do at least several times a day...I get overwhelmed and tired and I start to yell, and as much as I want it just doesn't BLESS anyone.  :)  

 In the midst of all the crazy food and laundry....I have gotten to participate in some fun activities!  Concerts and family gatherings.

I set out to do something to bless someone else....and I
 end up WAY more blessed.
Third Day concert.  It was AMAZING!!!!!

 When I say to the Lord.....I'm open for whatever you have for me today....He brings
 and when I operate in His strength and His love and His timing and His plan....I get to enjoy the blessings and the activity and the people that He brings into my life. 

 I never know how many are going to be at our table for the night.....NEVER....I don't even try to plan or figure it out....and you know what....we always always always have enough. 

Some of my favorite ladies at the family reunion.

 I whisper or (whine) to the Lord (depending on the current mood) first thing everyday and know what the day holds...I clearly have NO idea, so HELP me! 

 When I keep it about Him and not how clean I want the house or how organized I want the day to go....we are BLESSED and hopefully we are a BLESSING around here.
Cousin time!!!!

These little faces bless me to pieces!!!!

Happy Birthday Kole!!!
  It is AWESOME to have you home for the summer!!!

More cousin fun.  It's the best!!!

Happy Birthday Luke!!!!
 You may be the youngest 12 year old in the house (we currently have 3 kids 12 years old) but you are the leader and a very good one.
 Keep it up buddy!!!!
 We could not be prouder of you and who you are and what you do on a daily basis.

The way you live out your love for Jesus and your family and friends is a true testimony.
Love YOU !!!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Charsie's Sweet 16!

Happy Birthday Charsie!!!


 Charlie is race official!!!
He plans and plans for these events.  He makes the race as crazy and gross as he can, and then he dresses like........well, I don't have the words exactly.  :)

Wait, is that the baby in your left hand and the stroller in your right?

You would never guess these boys graduated in the top of their class.  haha.

Kole, just so you will never babysit any of our kids.  


We had to feed the fierce competitors.  :)

The race official is in a hurry.....something is happening on the course that may require a judgement call.
  (looks like he has good judgement...NOT!!!!)

After the big kids went...the little kids got a change on the course.


Charsie won the
 "Stud Survivor" 
at Kole's Birthday, so it was fitting that Kole won the
 "Sweet 16 Survivor" 
title at Charsie's Birthday.  
Charsie is not only an awesome kid that brings joy to everyone that knows her....she is also the best wife a mother could ask for.  :)  I know she was shocked that I could pull off a party without her help....actually I surprised myself.  haha.